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About Us

American Association for Advances in Functional Materials

Vision statement

To conduct rigorous scientific research and support the study of functional materials with an aim to solve humanity’s problems.

Mission statement

To collaborate with researchers, academicians, students and industry experts to understand and analyze the nature of functional materials and to put scientific findings and discoveries to practical use and contribute to the development of sustainable technology and the furthering of human cause.

Core values

  •  Teamwork

People are at the heart of our success. Collaboration is the key to scientific development.

  •  Scientific education

We conduct scientific studies that drive creativity and innovation.

  • Passion

We are committed to furthering the study of functional materials on a global scale.

  •  Innovation

Transformation of scientific discoveries into practical and implementable solutions for the betterment of the human race.

  •  Agility

Timely recognition of new opportunities and requirements and the provision of personalized consultation and support.

 What we offer

  • The provision of a highly-focused education that centers around the study of functional materials, with an aim to understanding the nuances of the field.
  •  Conducting education programs which inspire the youth to take up the study of functional materials and motivating them to start their journey on the path of science and technology.
  • Providing monetary and non-monetary support and assistance to qualified and deserving individuals engaged in the study of functional materials around the world, with the objective of inspiring the youth to take up professional courses in this field of study.
  •  Assisting established researchers and academicians in carrying out experiments and scientific studies in the field of functional materials, with the aim of promoting and enabling scientific discovery.
  •  Working closely with industry leaders to find practically implementable solutions and to find answers to the toughest questions facing the human race.
  • Collaborating with researchers, academicians, students and industry experts to disseminate and share pertinent and timely information, experience and skills with the objective of combining the collective efforts of all the key stakeholders to further the interests of the field of functional materials.
  •  Timely publishing of key findings and discoveries and sharing of important information with the rest of the scientific community.
  •  Providing personalized technology consultation to industry participants with the objective of assisting them in practically applying the latest discoveries in the field of functional materials.
  •  Helping industry veterans create sustainable technology solutions by sharing relevant information in a timely manner.