The American Association for Advances in Functional Materials (AAAFM) prides itself on being the premier promoter of the research and study of functional materials in the world. As part of our numerous academic programs and projects, we help budding scientists and researchers present their research findings and papers at our forums.

All of the scientific conferences and forums we conduct are designed to promote the sharing of scientific knowledge, skill, and expertise. Technological and scientific literacy is at the forefront of our organization’s endeavors.

Keeping this in mind, we regularly schedule conferences where interested participants can present their scientific papers and research findings to a group of industry experts and peers. All of our conferences give rise to opportunities for learning, knowledge sharing, and scientific collaboration amongst industry peers.

Cutting-edge ideas from around the world

Our events work on both invitation-only and application basis. Delegates from various academic and non-academic institutions can apply to take part in our events on our website. From introducing new hypothesis to disproving old ones, we encourage our participants to present the latest and most cutting-edge ideas here.

Based on the paper or findings presented, participants can either seek research grants and awards through the AAAFM or collaborate with industry experts and peers on their own/other projects.

Our past events

AFM 2015
Stony Brook University, USA (Jun 29 – 3rd July 2015) Read More

AFM 2016
International Convention Center, Jeju Island, South Korea (08-11, August, 2016) Read More

AFM 2017
University of California, Los Angeles Campus, USA (14-17 August, 2017) Read More

AFM 2018
InterContinental Nanjing, China. 27~30 Aug, 2018