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Scientific education is at the heart of innovation. At the American Association for Advances in Functional Materials (AAAFM), we firmly believe this.

To drive scientific discovery and innovation, AAAFM offers various multi-disciplinary courses in the field of functional materials. All of the courses we offer are designed to provide highly focused and specialized learning. From theoretical fundamentals to practical, research-based applications, you will be exposed to the various facets of the beautiful world that is functional materials. We offer a wide array of educational products and services and fosters broad interest in functional materials, which enhances science literacy and leads many to careers in science and engineering.

Where Education Meets Industry

At the AAAFM, we believe that education should supplement and complement industry practices. Our “Education and Human Resources” group has been set up to plug the gaps that exist between the academic and the industrial arenas. Through this group, we aim to reduce the knowledge and skills disparity that is prevalent in today’s world.

We have renowned industry experts who deliver seminars and publish content that is relevant and up-to-date.


Multidisciplinary Functional Materials Courses

Multidisciplinary Functional Materials Courses (MFMC) improve materials understanding globally by teaching multidisciplinary courses of the most prevalent used functional materials in the host country.


  1. Increase their understanding of multidisciplinary functional materials concepts;
  2. Learn effective teaching methods and practical skills for course implementation;
  3. Understand general teaching principles and elements of multidisciplinary research;
  4. Discuss implementation strategies for organizing trainings within their own communities and institutions


AAAFM collaborates with organizations around the world to organize training courses to improve the understanding and utilization of functional materials in our daily life. . If your organization is interested in applying to host, a Multidisciplinary Functional Materials Courses please contact AAAFM International.

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