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The American Association for Advances in Functional Materials (AAAFM) aims to produce and sponsors various scientific materials in the form of books, journals, and videos on functional materials. All of our publications will be created and curated by industry experts and industry veterans. Everything from the fundamentals to the latest research can be found in our publications. Interested visitors will find a host of material on various aspects of functional materials, which they are sure to find useful.



Credibility and reliability are synonymous with the AAAFM. Our journals will be sourced from eminent researchers and scientists who work in the field of functional materials. Curated by industry experts, our journals serve readers authoritative and credible information from around the world.

Our journals and original research reports will be supplemented by commentaries and critical reviews by industry leaders. Special supplement issues that cover important aspects of functional materials add great value to our journals.


The AAAFM has long been investing in the research of scholars and scientists from around the world. A testament to this support is our extensive library of books that cover multiple topics in the discipline of functional materials.

We believe that every person has the right to share tested and reliable knowledge with their peers. We aim to protect the interests of students, academicians, and industry experts through the publication of superior-quality books.



The practical use of functional materials is an area that is exciting and filled with opportunities. Our video tutorials will serve to inform and educate students, academicians, and industry peers about the usage and practical implementation of functional materials.

State-of-the-art media technology will be blended with the latest in functional material research to produce high-resolution videos. The videos by the AAAFM will be highly interactive and seek to transport viewers beyond the classroom, lab, and boardroom. We are currently planning the creation of our very own. 

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